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NG Talent Haters

2007-10-17 13:22:37 by XtremelyVenomous

Have any one noticed that there are some real Talent Haters on here who'll degrade your work simply because they aint got what it takes to post something of quality on here? Man...that just makes me pissed.

NG Talent Haters


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2007-10-20 13:30:37

yeah i hate those guys too


2008-03-14 15:51:47

can i use your double dragon III for a flash

(Updated ) XtremelyVenomous responds:

but ofcourse dude. feel free


2008-03-16 01:20:56

Yeah, real bummer. I loved your flash with Venom viciously murdering the KK. The music fit very hilariously as well.

And I also find it cool that you have a good taste in music. I can tell from your personal excerpt under age, location, job. Coldplay, right? :D

XtremelyVenomous responds:

i'm glad u like my work, son. as for the questions. thats classified. hahaha. .. stay tuned.


2008-04-06 02:32:12

Ya tell me about it. I have a 5 month in work game that's about to be finished in the next few days, and I'm just hoping the community doesn't bash it down for no reason at all. I think we're going to submit during peak hours so that more "legit" voters impact it so that the bastards who vote unfairly don't really affect it to much.

As for your double dragon movie, deserves at least a 3.9+ It has a 3.5 as of now, not cool. As for the big guy in red, I remember him, I believe you fight him in the jungle level after going over a few stepping stones with a water fall, then climbing up some vines. Up top near a shack he comes out, think he comes out twice, used to throw his ass of the cliff to the left :P
Correct me if I'm wrong, it's been awhile, but I think that's the guy.


2008-04-07 01:54:45

You'll probably get a lot of that, all people have wanted to see lately is fads. You're an amazing animator though, so don't let anyone get ya down.


2008-04-07 04:16:42

yeah thats why people dont like egorapter, i mean the drawing suck but thats on purpose


2008-04-08 02:32:22

Make some more anti Kitty Krew shit. We love seeing that quality stuff.


2008-04-08 09:44:23

Well, so long as they don't use the anime style too much or go overboard on cock jokes, I do my best not to hate. But it's just so infuriating when a perfectly good artist decides to cheap out and go mainstream with anime due to the fact that for some odd reason, EVERYTHING anime on the portal gets good reviews just for BEING anime.

Btw, I liked that Endangered species KK crew video, I'd like to see more Venom centric vids from you, that guy doesn't get enough media attention!


2008-04-08 20:45:17

Well, instead of bitching and moaning about it, do something. May I suggest a kill KK collabe, maybe?


2008-04-13 23:29:05

Yes I do hate them.

Also, all your flash are amazing works of art and violence. We, the people, want more !! :3


2008-05-02 23:42:21

o shit man
i dont kno wat in hell to say to that
none of your stuff is that good
and u kind of fall into the category of ppl who cant laugh at stupid ppl
i laugh at stupid ppl so hard
anyways talent haters on ng is another way of saying ppl dont like me so they must suck


2008-06-02 21:39:15

it happens ,there will always be people like that no matter how good you are ,all is left for you is just ignore them and let them drown on their own s**** ,all that really matters that you know that have good talent and Love doing what you are doing and that there are people out there that think the same and support you ,im one of them so just ignore them and keep going forward.

XtremelyVenomous responds:

Very kind words my friend