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2009-07-20 20:49:48 by XtremelyVenomous

Can you believe that i'm still using the mouse to do these shit. i bet the crappiest of flashers upgraded to a tablet by now. sigh. i wish someone would feel sorry for me and be a sponsor



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2009-07-20 21:18:27

Wow, that's pretty good for a mouse. Of course the dude with blond hair would win. Obviously.


2009-07-20 22:46:19

could always get a job =) i paid a 100 buks australian for myne over ebay and i'm very happy with it


2009-11-04 01:14:09

Damn did you make your Die-Rect Hit 2 animation with a mouse? I'll buy you a freaking tablet! haha


2009-11-27 07:14:12

Tablets suck, don't buy one.


2010-03-19 18:23:20

I give you credit for using the mouse. I used one for the longest, until I did my The Mask and The Monster Cartoon. That's when I got a small wacom tablet and I still got it. Most people have moved on to the big ones where you can just draw on the creen, but I can't afford those things. I think I need a sponser too.


2011-01-22 19:38:06

A mouse and you're fucking brilliant, you'd totally rock on a tablet for sure


2011-12-18 08:03:13



2014-03-19 05:31:59

So this was back in '09, wonder if you're still using the same tool? I've been using mouse myself forever btw, no plans on upgrading though it does get a bit tedious CTRLZing squiggly lines in the process.

XtremelyVenomous responds:

Been using a mouse for years. it would probably feel awkward to use anything else now. :) .... been looking at some of ur work .... ur pretty good urself. seems ur always doing collabs. we should get together sometime.


2014-03-25 18:28:03

So the plans for a tablet are permanently foiled? I tried one out at a shop once and it just seemed difficult to draw with. Bought a cheap finger-mouse to see if that would be kinda like a pen, but it was just... strange. Probably a matter of habit with both, but I was expecting something different, something instantly incredibly smooth and awesome that would forever revolutionize digital creation. :)

Thanks for checking! If you do have some pointers/compliments/whatever I dp appreciate them reviews... JSYK. Yeah, definitely! I'm a bit flooded by projects right now but if you ever have ideas don't hesitate to get in touch! Would you be interested in parts with only programming btw?