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The Dragons

2008-07-01 21:06:19 by XtremelyVenomous

So i was hanging out with the Double Dragons the other day, right. And we were kicking some major butts untill all of a sudden we ended up in the AUDIO PORTAL. they were playing some cool tracks in there and i even got to listen to some Double Dragon music that took me way back to old school. Man, these guys a so talented. you really gotta hear some of the shit they played. Here, try this sample /68065

i even saw my bud REBAZ there and i knew he couldnt help but write a few reviews to some of the composers. oh, by the way, REBAZ is the king of DD sprite flashes on here. you can check out all the DD flashes in the recent DD collection. (its about time NG had a DD collection if you asked me)

The Dragons


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2008-08-16 13:50:34

hey man, what have u been up to lately?


2008-08-19 14:47:29

Holy shit, this is just fucking awesome, i could clearly remember the first day i submitted my flash, i was like "mehh, no ones gonna like it, but i got some good feedback from Roger Gargantua, also a flash Sprite master, for real, check out his stuff, on Newgrounds, atleast check his latest stuff, its animated Fucking awesome.

but i'd never thought people would still remind me after such a long time, even thought some of you like DD as much as i do, so thats just fucking awesome.

i have no clue what i just wrote, YOU"RE AWEEESOMEZ EY DGKASL:DGK yeah.